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animes list


baccano! - WATCH IT it’s really nice and the soooundtraaaack ahhhh go watch it go go do it right now (1920s america setting, lots of intrigue and big/interesting character roster)

bakemonogatari - I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t understand this series at all, you’ll like it if you are good at following weird humor ?? it’s really fast paced and obscure I think it tries too hard

berserk - GOOD and VERY DIFFERENT but too slow for my tastes I guess, anticipating the remake because it is probably gonna be nice

black butler - until it turned into a “shipping clusterfuck” (when sebastian fucks like 3 nuns in 1 episode) it was pretty okay

bleach - missed somewhere around episodes 11-20 and totally got lost, stubbornly attempted to stick with it but FAILED so I am not gonna even try to catch up with this bastard again there’s too maaaaany chaaaracterssss

blood+, almost the whole series, hated it, why did I watch that I don’t know?? ew

blue dragon - was really weird, like they were trying too hard to be a good anime but it really wasn’t cuttin the mustard if you know what I mean ;U

blue submarine no. 6 - weird but neat, worth watching if you don’t mind conspicuous cgi, jazz soundtrack

bobobo-bo bo-bobo - didn’t Get It at the time but now I can see it is an art form on the same level as sweet bro and hella jeff

code geass - fuck yes, favesy favesy it’s SO good it is basically a theatrical production (so expect MAJOR ONE UPSMANSHIP AND DRAMA)

code lyoko - im sorry i dont have explanation

cowboy bebop - what kind of human would I be if I didn’t love this series seriously it’s freaking amazing

cyborg 009 - I really enjoyed it but it was a bit slow for me at the time, quality series fo sho tho

death note - haters to the OTHER SIDE because I fuckin love death note okay

digimon - TRACE AMOUNTS of it

dragonball/z/parts of GT - good overall, missed the entire cell saga whoops

durarara!! - LOVE IT one of my favesies yesssss

eden of the east - LOVED IT but it needs more meat on them bones, gonna watch the movies soon, go watch it anyway ok it’s really neat and cool

FLCL - god yes WATCH and prepare for some bizarre shit, also there is a plot and a damn good one so shush

fullmetal alchemist - liked it a lot for the first third, then it kinda turned into a storytellin mess so I disliked the last half

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - GOOD much better composed, very satisfying I think yes

future diary - FUCKING SEX ON WHEELS GO WATCH IT, this is gonna be a big one this year when word gets around

g gundam - shining fingerrrrr is just about all I remember of this one BUT I think it was good ?? need to rewatch because it’s been literally like 9 years

gantz - don’t watch the anime you won’t be able to take the manga seriously (the manga I’ve heard good shit about but the anime has like a two dollar budget okay)

ghost in the shell - fuck yes fuck yes one of my favorites, amazing soundtrack amazing characters everything’s awesome (okay the ending credits song for season 1 is janky but whatever fight me)

gundam seed - loved it but it has been a while, I know it’s a really good series though

.hack//SIGN - didn’t understand much because it has a lot of tie-in material and you have to watch Most Of It to really Get It, but it was still really good (just prepare to do some catchin up if you get into it)

high school of the dead - shitty fanservice don’t bother unless you need to masturbate NOW and you need GIGANTIC UNREALISTIC TITS to get the job done ew

higurashi no naku koro ni - I enjoyed it but the sameface character designs forced me to stop around episode 6, I don’t know it just didn’t have enough Artistic Quality for me to give a fuck

inuyasha - a few episodes oops……..

kekkaishi - frustrating fucking exercise in Monster Of The Week and lack of plot development don’t even bother, you’ll waste 20 episodes of your life expecting Plot but never get it

lupin III - saw SOME of it, enjoyed it, good humor and shit but need to watch more of it because it’s been forever

neon genesis evangelion - loved it, haven’t watched rebuild yet but I saw end of evangelion, quit bitching about main character boykid being a pussy you’d puss out too


magical shopping arcade abenobashi - entertaining enough to keep me watching despite the horrifying dub voice acting, do NOT watch the dub you’ll regret it

MAR - kinda janky but I really enjoyed it?? oops whatever the one character with the red hair was really hot okay

my bride is a mermaid - fucking skip this series OR just watch the first 2 episodes because you’ll see all it has to offer, very shallow repetitive humor

naruto up until the end of the sound-nin arc - why did I do that, I don’t know

one piece - did not appeal to me, too goofy and long-format I can’t really keep up with shonen series that go past 50-60 episodes

outlaw star - I watched some of it but I’ll be damned if I remember a single thing about it, I think it was good ?? just give it a shot okay yes

panty and stocking - FAVESY it’s so good also shush it’s anime quiet haters to the left


perfect hair forever - I will not apologize for having a gigantic secret boner for this series ;Ia

princess tutu - DEATH METAL no really this show is fucking metalllll as fuckkkk go watch it it’s amazing

read or die - saw the OVA, love it love it want to see the series too, also yuris? yes yuris

rurouni kenshin - I REALLY LIKED IT but I don’t remember a damn thing about it because it’s been too long, oh noo gotta rewatch it

samurai champloo - I didn’t really understand this series at the time so I gotta rewatch it, it’s quality tho

samurai jack - yes god yes (does this count as animes, I do not really care it was awesome either way)

s-CRY-ed - not good, not a quality series, I was into it for a little while but it’s just really ehhhh, you’ll find better stuff

SD gundam - I WAS DESPERATE OKAY it’s not good

shin-chan - vaguely entertaining, dick and fart jokes, that’s all I recall, sort of like japanese south park maybe??

shirokuma cafe - watched a bit, recommended for humor and kawaii and gif-making potential, also gay animals

soul eater - lovely babbys everywhere all the babbys GOOD this is a shonen series you will not regret watching, the characters are awesome

tenchi muyo - ryoko is hot alright no contest there GLAD WE ALL AGREE, also it was a pretty damn good series go watch it

tengen toppa gurren lagann - GOOD GO WATCH IT ITS THE BEST A+ TOP PRIZE SCORE

the big O - was pretty cool, a bit repetitive and dense for my tastes but I recommend it anyway also anime batman with giant robots and shit

the world god only knows - not my genre no thank you Pass on this one (monster of the week, about dating sim games which I have never ever played so the humor was lost on me)

trigun - GOOD VERY GOOD WATCH IT the characters are splendid, I gotta read the manga still, because that interests me

trinity blood - ew bad, this series was weird and maybe it’ll be your speed but I can’t recommend it

toriko - saw the intro, laughed my way out of the room, it’s trash don’t watch it, I guarantee this

totally spies - this is an anime okay

tsuritama - WATCH IT it’s good even if it’s slow at the start it’s really really quality and will also give you emotions

witch hunter robin - did not like it, the series looked like mud iirc I dunno the art style jut rubbed me the wrong way

wolf’s rain - sections of it, was cool at the time ?? need to rewatch

yugioh season zero - skippable, the comedy is pretty Okay but it’s just so fucking ridiculous I couldn’t watch it or take it seriously

yugioh american season 1 - saw it as a kid, bought booster packs, gave away all my cards at college, that’s all you need to know

yuyu hakusho - first 2/3rds, yes good go watch it ahh one of the best storytelling examples I know of

zatch bell - I really enjoyed it but it was Too Damn Slow due to the format (shonen) if you’re willing to plod thru a couple hundred episodes I think? then give it a shot, also watch the sub please

zoids new century / ZERO - god this show was fuckin sweet this was just really good despite not being very deep, it was sort of like gourmet candy in that sense


baka to gogh - VERY entertaining and lighthearted, a good romp and stuff

bloody monday - they don’t call it a “drama” for nothin, there’s more kidnappings than bones in the human body BUT it’s worth a read

dorohedoro - god yes GO READ IT WHAT DID THE GUY INSIDE MY HEAD SAY lots of gore and awesome artwork and it’s very moody and wonderful and evil

oyasumi punpun - A TRIP GALORE its a bit slow to update but if you like psychological stuff and don’t get easily depressed by dark soul blackness rainy miasma suicide then you should go read it, p.s. good vibrations

the enigma of amigara fault - drr… drr… drr… (see below note)

uzumaki - junji ito horror manga NOT NARUTO but it is about spirals, it’s really fucking scary as hell and the ending a h h h h h …. recommended but not for the faint of heart/those who are easily influenced by really freaky shit


watch all of these ok cool do that now

howl’s moving castle

laputa castle in the sky

my neighbor totoro

nausicaa of the valley of the wind


perfect blue

princess mononoke

spirited away

STUFF CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS/STUFF I GOTTA WATCH (this means they dont suck probably)

ao no exorcist/blue exorcist

cromartie high school

deadman wonderland (I DIDNT GET IT AT ALLLLL the first time but I gotta retry)

elfen lied (pre-warning: tons of blood and stuff okay)

ergo proxy

fate stay night —-> fate zero FIRST to watch instead


gantz (the manga, per previous comment on the anime adaptation :n … )



haiyore! nyarko-san





michiko to hatchin


natsume yuujinchou (I don’t plan to follow up on this because it’s not my speed, but I think it’s good probably prooobably)



sayonara zetsubou sensei

spice and wolf


summer wars

tiger and bunny

toaru majutsu no index


yuruyuri (dont judge me okay its kawaii)

"Mangoo recommendations because God knows I own enough of the stuff: Stray Dogs Howling in the Night (and the following series Dogs: Bullets and Carnage), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (stay the fuck away from the anime), xxx-holic (get me behind me satan anime), Clover by Clamp, x/1999 mangoo, Count Cain (<- dee-licious), Dolls by Naked Ape, Switch by Naked Ape, Ultimate Muscle (Bobobo’s brother series, and MPD Psycho, Until Death Do Us Part, are all good mangoos, OH AND 07 Ghost that is good too" - an actual pokemon