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maximum buttitude

smoke weed from a dongers

my art / my bestie / reptile blog


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  • driving: age 16
  • smoking, sex: 18
  • drinking: 21
  • LSD: 24
  • run for senate: 30
  • super-LSD: 35
  • over the hill: 40
  • hyper-LSD: 70
  • dire mage: 95
  • lichdom: 140
  • act against god: 400
  • space cloud consciousness: 10000


don’t fucking sass me I’m already at dire mage rank and I will turn your bed into snakes like THAT

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officialcalsprite asked:

wow i hope this isn't weird but pep makes me so happy and sometimes i watch pep's birthday video when i'm sad because it's just the best and cutest video and i didn't know you were on tumblr until just now and i had no idea that you ran rate-my-reptile that's like one of my favorite blogs i'm in shock best reptile blog AND best skink!! so yeah i just think you're cool and your dog makes me happy when i'm sad and when i'm not sad i hope you're having a super great day

BEP BEEP HERE COME THE THANK TRAIN! just kidding its a PEPAW WHO RUN towards you bceause I put some berrries on your snoot OOP HERE GOES THE CLAWPAW BEAST THANG

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seawitchintraining asked:

does pep still fuckin love yams

ALWAYS I havent fed pepaw Y’amb in a while since most of ours went to root, been doing some of our million garden beans as the veggie protein lately

my folks keep me and pep around so that we can eat their excess of food. food hoarders family represent n;

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bastardgirl12 asked:

helo i have watced alot of your videos 2day you are so full of nice sparkly things all the time

I consume large amounts of precious gemstones & metamorphic rocks such as schist,

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insanearchaeologist asked:

can i still have kiss from dog

the TRICKTROLL of SECRET is that pepo give spirit kises to all all of the time. Small and lickettoux

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Remove your Own Head with these Everyday Household Appliances!

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ask-sun-spire asked:

*give u fiv dee cents*


it was this was a TRIC pep don’t understand concept of finances!!

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mothbug asked:


The Emote of the Smoochy Face… where will you get a pepp!?? Beter order one (1) o’PEP Clone in tha Postal Serviece!!!

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